Spelling Withdrawals

Spelling Withdrawals Pt.4 – A Month Later

A Month Later: It was really late in the night and I was staring a bit blearily at the computer. I wasn't sure what had given me the idea to start a blog about spelling but here I was, staring at a skeleton of a website, toggling around with colors, fonts, themes, layouts, everything. I… Continue reading Spelling Withdrawals Pt.4 – A Month Later

Spelling Withdrawals

Spelling Withdrawals Pt.3- Coming to terms

Day 3 After the Bee: I am curled up in a ball, clutching on to the 3rd Unabridged Dictionary like a lifeline as I surrounded by a cumulative circle of spelling paraphernalia ranging from water bottles to Snoopy to my beloved Banagrams. No, not really, but mentally I may as well be. I call myself… Continue reading Spelling Withdrawals Pt.3- Coming to terms

Spelling Withdrawals

Spelling Withdrawals Pt.1 – A Series

After the glitz and glamor of the 2017 Scripps National Spelling bee, an entire week of spelling, meeting old friends and new friends, staying up until when I normally woke up on the last day, after-after-after parties, my spelling career was complete. Years of studying and having fun exploring new words, languages, roots, you name… Continue reading Spelling Withdrawals Pt.1 – A Series