Root#5 chrys-

"Chrys-" means gold, golden or yellow. The root comes from the Greek word chrysos which means gold. The root is in 201 entries. There are many words related to flowers and valuable items. chryselephantine-¬†Chryselephantine means made of cold and ivory. You can see the word "elephant" in chryselephantine with signifies ivory. chrysanthemum- A chrysanthemum is… Continue reading Root#5 chrys-


Root#4 chalc/o, chalk/o-

The root "chalc-" has various spellings. It comes from the Greek word chalkos meaning copper. However it can mean copper, brass or bronze. aurichalcite- this a mineral that consists of a basic copper zinc carbonate. It is a very pretty shade of turquoise. chalcogen- a chalcogen is any of the four elements oxygen,sulfur, selenium, or… Continue reading Root#4 chalc/o, chalk/o-


Root #1- Omphal/o-

The root "omphal/o-" comes from the Greek word omphalos meaning "navel." There are 14 entries in the dictionary containing this root. omphalitis- Inflammation of the umbilicus omphaloid- resembling an umbilicus omphalomesenteric- of or relating to the umbilicus and mesentery omphaloskepsis- meditation while staring fixedly at one's navel omphalion- the center of the umbilicus