French Food

There are over 17000 French entries in the entire dictionary, however food words form a large portion of these words are related to food. Perhaps the most famous words are indeed French words. bouillon (\ˈbü(l)-ˌyän, ˈbu̇(l)-;ˈbu̇l-yən; ˈbü-ˌyōⁿ\)- A bouillon is a broth made by slow boiling meat in a soup. This word is relation to… Continue reading French Food


School Words

Hello Everybody! I haven't been quite that active for a while mostly due the reason mentioned above :). So to get into the spirit of school reopening for everyone around the USA, here are some school-related words. lycee- A lycee is a state maintained secondary school especially in France. This word does come from the… Continue reading School Words


Which spelling bees can you compete in?

The Scripps National Spelling Bee:The most widely known spelling with many people watching and participating in it. South Asian Spelling Bee: This occurs mostly during the summer. There are regional centers all over the US and one in Ghana. North South Foundation: This bee is headed by a non-profit organization and also has other competitions… Continue reading Which spelling bees can you compete in?