Root #1- Omphal/o-

The root "omphal/o-" comes from the Greek word omphalos meaning "navel." There are 14 entries in the dictionary containing this root. omphalitis- Inflammation of the umbilicus omphaloid- resembling an umbilicus omphalomesenteric- of or relating to the umbilicus and mesentery omphaloskepsis- meditation while staring fixedly at one's navel omphalion- the center of the umbilicus  


Which spelling bees can you compete in?

The Scripps National Spelling Bee:The most widely known spelling with many people watching and participating in it. South Asian Spelling Bee: This occurs mostly during the summer. There are regional centers all over the US and one in Ghana. North South Foundation: This bee is headed by a non-profit organization and also has other competitions… Continue reading Which spelling bees can you compete in?